Category Description Files
Anti-popery Various images illustrating anti-Catholicism 15
  Popish Plot Playing Cards 13
The Royal Court and its Surroundings Views of specific palaces – both exteriors and interiors, portraits of courtiers, etc. 35
Churches, Parks and Monuments 0
  Monuments and Public Buildings 10
  Parish Churches and Chapels 14
  Parks, Squares and Open Spaces 3
  St. Paul's All views of the Cathedral. There are actually two St Pauls, since it burned in 1666 and was rebuilt) 3
  The Tower All views of the Tower of London 7
Commerce and the Exchange 24
  The Exchange Views of the Exchange – the main commercial center 9
Houses photographs and engravings of individual houses; these will mainly go with the Housing and Social Topography page but a few may illustrate other pages 22
Maps and Topographical Engravings All maps and bird’s eye views, like the Hollar engraving of the Covent Garden area 19
Scenes from London Life 22
The Bubble Images relating to the South Sea Bubble, the great stock market scandal of the 1710s, and related themes 5
The Fire 8
Theatres, Processions and street theatre Views of theatres and processions in the London street 29
Most Recent Images
A Chinese Plate with a Western Coat of Arms
George II
King George I in 1714 by Sir Godfrey Kneller
Fitzhugh Plate
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