Resources: Printed Sources—General Surveys, Geography, Urban Topography

This section is intended to provLide guidance for further research on the history and culture of early modern London through print sources.  The amount of secondary iterature in this field is vast and the list below is by no means comprehensive.  Some relevant websites are listed on a companion page on this site.    

General Surveys and Reference Works

A. L. Beier and R. Finlay, eds., London 1500-1700: the Making of the Metropolis (London, 1986) 

Paul Griffiths and Mark Jenner, eds., Londinopolis: essays in the cultural and social history of early modern London (Manchester and New York, 2000) 

Julia Merritt, ed., Imagining Early Modern London: Perceptions and Portrayals of the City from Stow to Strype (Cambridge, 2001)

Kenneth Panton, London: a historical companion (Stroud, 2003)

Ben Weinreb et al., The London Encyclopaedia (3d ed., London, 2008)

J. R. Woodhead, The Rulers of London, 1660-1689: A Biographical Record of Aldermen and Common Councilmen of the City of London (London, 1965)

Anthologies of literature about London

L. Manley, ed., London in the Age of Shakespeare: An Anthology (1986)

M. Warner, The Image of London: Views by Travellers and Emigrés (1987)

A. N. Wilson, ed., The Norton Book of London (1995)

London Neighborhoods, Geography and Topoographical Themes and Features 


R. Ashton, "Samuel Pepys' London", London Journal 11 (1985)

P. Glanville, "The Topography of Seventeenth-Century London", Urban History Yearbook (1980)

Elizabeth McKellar, The birth of modern London: the development and design of the city, 1660-1720 (Mancester, 1999)

The City

Jeremy Boulton, "Microhistory in early modern London: John Bedford (1601-1667)', Continuity and Change 22.1 (2007): 113-41

Michael Byrne and George Bush, eds.,  St Mary-le-Bow: a history (Barnsley, 2007)

Ian Doolittle, "The London property 'market' before and after the Great Fire", London Topographical Society Newsletter 56 (2003): 5-8

Paul Griffiths, "Politics made visible: order, residence and uniformity in Cheapside, 1600-45" in Griffiths and Jenner, Londinopolis, pp. 176-96

Vanessa Harding, "Cheapside: Commerce and Commemoration", Huntington Library Quarterly 71:1 (2008): 77-96

-------------, "Shops, markets and retailers in London's Cheapside, c. 1500-1700" in Bruno Blonde, Peter Stabel and Jon Stobart, eds., Buyers and sellers: retail circuits and practices in medieval and early modern Europe (Turnhout, 2007), pp. 155-70

--------------, "The Crown, the City and the orphans: the City of London and its finances, 1400-1700, in Marc Boone, Karel Davids and Paul Janssens, eds., Urban public debts: urban government and the market for annuities in Western Europe (14th-18th centuries) (Turnhout, 2003), pp. 51-60

Adrian Johns, "Coleman Street", Huntington Library Quarterly 71:1 (2008): 33-54

Emily Mann, "In defence of the city: the gates of London and Temple Bar in the seventeenth century", Architectural History 49 (2006): 75-99 

Westminster and the West End

Diane Duggin, "The prosecution of the Earl of Bedford", London Topographical Record 29 (2006): 1-21.  (Related to the building of Covent Garden.)

Julia Merritt, The social world of early modern Westminster: abbey, court and community, 1525-1640 (Manchester, 2005) 

Jason Peacey, "To Every Individual Member: the Palace of Westminster and participatory politics in the seventeenth century", The Court Historian 13.2 (2008): 127-47

Ian Warren, "'Witty offending great ones?' Elite female householders in an Early Stuart Westminster parish", London Journal 32.3 (2007): 211-28

Housing, Social Topography and Urban Space

William C. Baer, "People Have to Live Somewhere: Housing Stock and London's Population, 1640-60", in Historical Methods 42.1 (2009): 3-16

---------, "Housing for the lesser sort in Stuart London: Findings from certificates and returns of divided houses", in London Journal 33.1 (2008): 61-88

Jacques Carré, "'Private' and 'Public' in the extenstion of Georgian London's West End", in Sophie Body-Gendrot, Jacques Carré and Romain Gabraye, eds., A city of one's own: blurring the boundaries between private and public (Aldershot, 2008), pp. 13-24

Vanessa Harding, ""Families and Housing in Seventeenth Century London", Parergon 24.2 (2007): 115-38

---------, People in place: families, households and housing in early modern London (London, 2008)

Eleanor John, "At Home with the London Middling Sort -- The Inventory Evidence for Furnishings and Room Use, 1570-1720", Regional Furniture 22 (2008)

Bruce Marshall, Building London: The making of a modern metropolis (Edinburgh, 2007)

Joanne McEwan and Pamela Sharpe, "'It Buys me Freedom': Genteel Lodging in Late-Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century London", Parergon 24.2 (2007): 139-61

Lena Cowan Orlin, "Temporary Lives in London Lodgings", Huntington Library Quarterly 71:1 (2008): 219-42

Amanda Vickery, "An Englishman's Home Is his Castle? Thresholds, Boundaries and Privacy in the Eighteenth Century London House", Past and Present 199 (2008): 147-73

Susan Whyman, ed., Walking the Streets of Eighteenth Century London: John Gay's Trivia (1716) (Oxford, 2007)

Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces

David Bindman, "roubilac's statue of Handel and the keeping of order in Vauxhall Gardens in the early 18th century", Sculpture Journal 1 (1997): 22-31

Penelope Corfield, Vauxhall and the invention of the urban pleasure garden (London, 2008)

Alan De Goyer, "Edmund Waller on St. James's Park," Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700 31:1 (2007): 47-62

Ivan Hall, "Box, privet and point plants: the urban gardens of Georgian Westminster", Westminster History Review 1 (1997): 22-6

John Frederick Harris, "Is Chiswick a 'Palladian' garden?", Garden History 32:1 (2004): 124-36

Penelope Hunting, "Isaac Rand and the Apothecaries' Physic Garden at Chelsea", Garden History 30:1 (2002): 1-23

David Jacques, "Garden works in Greenwich Park, 1662-1728", The Court Historian 11:2 (2006): 149-53

Sally Jeffrey, ""The flower of all private gentlemen's palaces in England': Sir Stephen Fox's "extraordinarily fine" garden at Chiswick", Garden History 32:1 (2004): 1-19 

Stephen Kite, "The urban landscape of Hyde Park: Adrian Stokes, Conrad and the topos of negation", Art History 23 (2000): 205-32

David Marsh, "A fellowship on the fringes: the Gardener's Company of London in the Eighteenth Century", in Ian Anders Gadd and Patrick Wallis, eds., Guilds and association in Europe, 900-1900 (London, 2006), pp. 123-46 

Mark McDater, "Poetic gardens and political myths: the renewal of St James's Park in the Restoration", Journal of Garden History 15 (1995): 135-48

Laurence Patticini, "Andre Mollet, Royal Gardener in St James's Park, London", Garden History 26:1 (1998): 3-18

Tim Richardson, "The garden at Ham House", Country Life 197:44 (2003): 74-7

Ninio Strachey, "The Helmingham Plan: an eighteenth-century survey of the gardens at Ham House", London Gardener 2 (1996-7): 36-41

Laura Williams, "'To recreate and refresh their dulled spirits in the sweet and wholesome ayre': green space and the growth of the city" in Julia Merrit, Imagining early modern London: perceptions and portrayals of the city from Stow to Styrpe, 1598-1720 (Cambridge, 2001): 185-213

Public Buildings and Monuments

Alison O'Byrne, "Composing Westminster Bridge: Public Improvement and National Identity in Eighteenth Century London", in  Maximillian Novak, The Age of Projects (Toronto, 2008), pp. 243-70

John Peacock and Christy Anderson, "Inigo Jones, John Webb and Temple Bar", Architectural History 44 (2001), 29-38

The Royal Exchange

Marjorie Rubright, "An Urban Palimpsest: Migrancy, Architecture and the Making of an Anglo-Dutch Royal Exchange", Dutch Crossing 33:1 (2009): 23-43

St Paul's Cathedral

Nigel Aston, "St Paul's and the public culture of eighteenth century Britain" in Keene, Burns and Saint, eds., St Paul's, pp. 363-71 

James Campbell, Building St Paul's (London, 2007)

----------------, "The construction of the new cathedral" in Keene, Burns and Saint, St Paul's,  pp. 207-19

David Crankshaw, "Community, City and Nation, 1500-1714" in Keene, Burns and Saint, St Paul's, pp. 45-70

Kerry Downes, "Wren and the New Cathedral" in Keene, Burns and Saint, St Paul's, pp. 190-206

Gordon Higgot, "The fabric to 1670" in Keene, Burns and Saint, St Paul's, pp. 170-89

Derek Keene, Arthur Burns and Andrew Saint, eds., St Paul's, the Cathedral Church of London 604-2000 (New Haven, 2004)

Leo Hollis, The phoenix: St Paul's Cathedral and the men who made modern London (London, 2008)

The Thames

Joseph Ward, "The Taming of the Thames: Reading the River in the Seventeenth Century", Huntington Lirbary Quarterly 71:1 (2008): 55-75

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